Wedding Timeline Tips Part 1

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Wedding Timeline Tips part 1

This is the start to a brand new blog series. I am going to come to you with different tips and tricks for your wedding day. This blog is on Wedding timeline tips part one. Today I am going to go over the estimated amount of time you should be giving your photographer/videographer on your wedding day. You want to ensure your timeline is photo/video friendly. We also need a break during dinner as this is probably the first time we have had a moment to sit down on your wedding day and take a break. This is very much needed to freshen up and capture the rest of the evening efficiently.

Timeline Tips Part 1 – Estimated Photo Times

  1. Details | Now if you have been following me for awhile you know I love the details. I love to capture flatlay details with all your special items on your day, along with pictures of your dress, I think you need an estimated 1.5 hours to not be rushed.
  2. Bride and Groom First Looks | First looks are my favorite and I have a blog post dedicated as to why you should do a first look ! For this time you should give approximately 30 – 40 minutes.
  3. Bridal Party Photos | Now depending on the timeline I do as many photos before the ceremony as possible. This way we have a little bit of extra time. I like to do as many of the bridal party portraits before the ceremony if not all of them. You should estimate approximately 30 – 40 minutes.
  4. Family Formals| Family formals are typically done right after the ceremony. Sometimes if we have time we can also do some with immediate family members who are at your venue before to get them out of the way. Generally you should plan on 20-30 minutes. I also recommend not doing anymore than 10 groupings.
  5. Sunset Portraits | These are always my FAVORITE! I just love the glow that sunset brings. You should have about 15-20 minutes to capture these moments.
  6. BONUS | If you are planning any other first looks, such as bridal party, father daughter, siblings, etc. You should estimate 10-15 minutes for each.


I hope you find this information helpful. Enjoy a few more images from this beautiful wedding day that took place on a rainy day in Lower Bidwell Park. If you are looking for a wedding photographer or videographer, contact me today here.

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