What is a Bridal Session


What is a Bridal Session? This is the question of the day. I could go on and on about why you should book a bridal session, but don’t worry I am going to keep it short and sweet for you. Your wedding day is such a special day that you spend countless hours planning to make it perfect. You are analyzing every detail. One important detail is your dress. This is one of the most important items that you will purchase for your wedding day. THEN on top of that you only wear it once.

When is a Bridal Session

A bridal session is something that takes place prior to your wedding date. There are actually two different ways to celebrate this session. The most common way is it is for the bride to be. It is a special session where you are going to get dressed up in your wedding attire. Most likely on a day that your makeup and hair trial is also scheduled. Then we will have a location in mind where we are going to meet and take beautiful pictures of you and your beautiful gown.

You will also get to wear it TWICE!! This gives you overall more time in your gown and your pictures can be at another secluded location or venue that you are not using for your wedding day. It is more relaxed because we wont have the pressure or stress a wedding day brings.


I mean who wouldn’t want extra photos. On your wedding day there isn’t a whole lot of time to capture photos of just you. We are limited and only have a few minutes to capture a few bridal portraits. I can shoot quickly and capture a good variety, but a bridal session is extra special and allows just more timeless portraits you deserve.

Let’s get you beautiful bridal portraits. Find out more about my wedding photography packages here. If you have been looking for a beautiful wedding venue to capture your special bridals or even your wedding day like the pictures shown in this blog check out Aloria Vineyards.

Bridal SessionBridal Session

Aloria VineyardsAloria Vineyards

OR even taking these beautiful portraits at Wadley Farms.

Wadley Farms Bridal SessionWadley FarmsWadley Farms



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