One Year In Business

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One Year In Business

Heather Avrit Photography has officially reached its one year in business!! Starting a business isn’t easy, nor is it something I every thought was possible for myself. I was always on the track of going to school getting degrees (I have a total of 5) and getting a good job and working my way up the latter. I was going to be come a lawyer. NEVER did I think I would open a business doing photography.

Where did the idea come from?

Derek and I have talked a lot about our future and what we would like to accomplish and how we want to have freedom in our schedules to do things as a family when we start having kids. The idea actually started as Heather’s Forever Events in which I did wedding planning. I opened Heather’s Forever Events February 2020 right before COVID. It was  always the plan to add photography. Due to COVID I decided to close Heather’s Forever Events, because I realized I didn’t want to plan weddings. I then switched my focus to only photography. With all the down time I had I put all my efforts into building my business plan and getting everything I needed to run a legal business. I also invested in education and other aspects of running a business to make sure I did everything right. Then in August 2021 Heather Avrit Photography formed.

What I do

I specialize in natural light photography and I have my main focus on weddings and high school seniors. Each of these equal each other out and work really well together. I do capture some families and maternity sessions, but I only have a limited amount of availability for them. Check out how I can capture your wedding day here, or how I can capture this season of life as a high school or college senior here.


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