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Maybe you are newer to the photography world, or maybe you have been running your business awhile and it hasn’t fully flowed like you want. Here are five programs used for my business that may help you along your journey. Running a business isn’t always easy. You have a lot of trial and error. At least this is what I have experienced.

01. Website & Blog

Starting my business I found I needed a website and blog. Having a website and blog creates a space where I can include information about me, my work, and it creates a way to contact me. My blog works as a working portfolio and it gives me a chance to help others elevate their business, inform people of what I am doing and how they can relate to my life and most importantly showcase my beautiful clients. I first started out with a website with Wix, but I found Showit to be more customizable and I liked having my blog linked to it.

I also found when I was in the beginning of my business, Showit had multiple free or lower priced templates to get me started. As I continued to grow I needed something more to showcase my work. I needed to elevate my website to speak to me and my work. This is when I found templates with Davey and Krista. I was able to purchase a template from them and customize it to my brand. By following my link here, you too can look at their templates and purchase on.

02. Dubsado

For those who are running a photography business, there are multiple Customer Relationship Management (CRM) programs. I use Dubsado. I find Dubsado to be the best CRM to use for my business. You can follow my link here, and get 20% off your first month with Dubsado. This program can be intimidating at first, but once you get the hang of it, it will process your business smoothly.

In the beginning I start with Honeybook. If you want a simplified program and don’t have much of a brand yet too customize, then Honeybook can be a great option for you. You can try Honeybook by clicking here and you will get 20% off your first year.

03. Cloudspot

Cloudspot is the program I use to send all my client galleries electronically. It is easy to use and my clients are able to purchase prints, and so much more straight from their gallery. One of my favorite features is being able to also create a link to a mobile app. My clients love this, because it gives them a way to quickly share their images with family and friends quickly.

04. Quickbooks

One important part of running a legal profitable business is taxes. Quickbooks includes all of my transactions and information for my business to properly keep track of income and expenses to pay taxes. It is important to run a legal business. If you don’t have proper legal documents for your business you can get into trouble.

05. Planoly

There are so many programs I need to run my business, but one other I find important is Planoly. This helps me plan out my social media post so they automatically post for me and I can choose the proper images that are the best of the best to speak for my brand and edits. Make sure you follow my link here to sign up today.

Bonus: Flodesk

I use Flodesk to organize my emails that I send out to all of my VIP’s. This could be when I am running a special, or announcing mini sessions, etc. Having email list is a great way to market to previous or perspective clients. The program also helps me creates the pop-ups for my website as well as creating a form that will capture all the names and emails that are provided from my website. Click here to receive 50% off the program.

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