Bidwell Mansion Senior Session | Mallarie


Bidwell Mansion and Chico State Senior Session

Graduating high school is a huge chapter too close. It can be scary and exciting at the same time. Mallarie was shy and nervous for her senior session. She said she doesn’t usually like her picture taken, but let me tell you she was AMAZING!! You would never know she was not a big fan of having her picture taken. She was a pro and was doing something before I even had to say it. She was so easy to direct, and was a blast to be around. Mallarie decided Bidwell Mansion was perfect for her senior session, because we could walk into Chico State. For the second half of the session we ended in Upper Bidwell Park.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day. The weather was nice and the lighting was perfect. We decided to end at Bidwell Mansion since we parked in the parking lot. We first set off to walk on to Chico State campus. During this time, Mallarie started to open up and we talked about the things she was involved in as well as what she was wanting to do. She isn’t quite sure of her exact plan, but she has some ideas. I think she is going to do great as she moves into this chapter of her life. It is such an exciting time, with graduating and moving states away for college. By the end of the session Mallarie had so much fun and was relaxed. She enjoyed the time we spent together.

Mallarie was just such a joy and I know she will accomplish anything she sets her mind to. She is going to do great in college and have such a blast. I wish her all the best and congratulate her on this huge accomplishment as she starts the next chapter of her life!

Bidwell Park Senior Session Chico CAChico State Senior Session

Chico State Senior SessionUpper Bidwell Park Senior SessionUpper Park Senior Session

Bidwell Mansion Senior Session

Bidwell Mansion Senior Session

Upper Bidwell Park Senior SessionUpper Park Senior Session

Upper Park Senior Session Chico State Senior Session

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