Why Do a First Look

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Why do a First Look

Why do a first look? I ask all of my couples about doing a first look and they all give me the same reason. I am here to explain why you should and what the benefits of them are. The main reason I get as to why my couples don’t want to do a first look is my brides tell me “I want him to cry when I walk down the aisle”. I will be the first to say I was one of these brides. I wanted a reaction from Derek when I came down the aisle. Looking back I WISH Derek and I shared a first look. I think it would have helped relieve those jitters and allow for an even more emotional bond between us on our big day.


You have the opportunity to have more time for more portraits of the two of you where we aren’t rushed. After the ceremony we don’t have a whole lot of time to get portraits of the two of you and it may feel a little rushed or stressful. This allows us to get more of the romantic portraits of you two on your wedding day, because we aren’t rushed on time. Having this time also gives us a safety net of insurance for amazing portraits on your wedding day. If for some reason we run short on time later after the ceremony or the wether takes a turn, etc.


You heard me right! Having a first look allows for you to have more emotion. You are able to get away the pre jitters and allow for you to accept the emotions verses being very nervous. You will still have emotion when you walk down the aisle. If your partner doesn’t normally cry, they wont cry when you walk down the aisle.

I Could go on and on about why you should have a first look. I think the two reasons above are the most important reasons why. Having a first look is beneficial in getting more photos and having a safety net of those, as well as allowing for more emotion and romantic portraits of the two of you on your wedding day. If you become a HAP couple, I provide you with a bridal guide where I go even more in DEPTH about first looks and why to do them.

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