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Watermelon Theme One Year Old cupcake smash

Turning one year is such a special memory to capture. Amelia’s one year cake smash session was actually a one year cupcake smash! She didn’t even want anything to do with the cupcake except smash it into the ground and move it from one area to the next. One year olds can be hilarious, because they are starting to really show some personality. Logan had a wonderful idea for the theme of Amelia’s birthday. She had a watermelon theme party. I always love Logan’s crafty ideas. Adding the flowers was an extra cute touch.

It took all but 30 seconds for Amelia to pluck every single carnation out of the watermelons!

Amelia was so fascinated with the flowers she ended up taking them all out. I also took pictures of Amelia as six months and let me tell you, we were not having pictures! She wanted nothing to do with me. I could probably tell you she had a straight face the ENTIRE time! Nothing I did could work, but we did end up with some cute pictures. During Amelia’s one year cupcake smash, her personality definitely shined. It was definitely a 180 picture experience. She was all smiles, and even though she didn’t want much to do with me, she still was as cute as could be.

During the session we also had a mini session for the cousins. The older boys had sister protection detail shirts. I mean isn’t that the cutest thing. They make shirts for everything.

family spring session

cupcake smash

daddy's little girl

mommy's little girl

spring one year session

holding parents hands

one year session

cousin's 6 months apart

brother protection detail

spring 6 month session

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