Four Year Wedding Anniversary


Four Year Wedding AnniversaryToday marks our four year wedding anniversary. Derek and I have been together for a total of 6. It is amazing how fast time flies when you find your person to spend your life with. It is amazing to think it has already been four years.

How our story began

Derek and I met while we were out country swing dancing at a local bar with friends. Derek and asked me to dance.  We then saw each other a couple more times out dancing and exchanged numbers. From here we went on our first date. Derek took me to lunch at Burger Hut and then we went to the Monster Trucks in Red Bluff, California. After our first date, we officially started dating. Derek moved in shortly after and we never looked back. We dated for a year when Derek asked me to marry him.

*Our first picture together on our first date

Our Four Year Wedding Anniversary

How he asked

Derek knew he had to do something that wouldn’t make me suspicious, because he knew if it was something random I would figure it out. We already had a plan to take a weekend trip to see his relatives in McArthur and planned to stop at Burney Falls on the way there. Derek planned for our friends to be there before us to get the flowers and card ready. When we arrives at Burney Falls, it was busy because it was labor day weekend. After we walked down to the bottom of the falls to the opening, we walked towards a vase with a dozen red roses in it and a card with my name on it. Derek handed me the card and I was so surprised. I read the card and as I turned around he was getting down on one knee. I was so surprised and I cried, because I was so happy.

*One of my favorite engagement photos

engagement session family photo

Our Wedding Day

Derek and I choose to get married on our family ranch. We worked hard to get the ranch ready for the wedding. I owe a lot to Derek, because he did a lot more of the hard work. It turned out to be a hot day, but as the sun went down, it cooled off. We couldn’t of asked for a better day to say “I Do” with all our family and friends.

*Some pictures of our beautiful wedding day

Wedding decorationsFour Year Wedding Anniversary

custom cornhole boardsFour Year Wedding AnniversaryFour Year Wedding AnniversaryFour Year Wedding AnniversaryFour Year Wedding AnniversaryFour Year Wedding AnniversaryFour Year Wedding AnniversaryFour Year Wedding AnniversaryFour Year Wedding AnniversaryFour Year Wedding Anniversary

How its going

We are working our way through life and building our life together that we are happy about and are excited for our next chapter when we decide to grow our family. Derek is my forever dance partner and I couldn’t imagine walking through this life without him. He has been amazing and always supported everything I have done. He is the one that pushed me to create my business and do something I was excited about.


Wedding pictures: Kimie Grace Photography



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