Best Time Of Day For Your Session



What is the best time of day for your session? This is something I answer with every client. I shoot during golden hour. This is the best time of the day for your session, because it is when the light is the softest in the sky and most flattering. The only other time I shoot would be Sunrise, because it is the same kind of light. The only time I shoot outside of this session time is during wedding days. All my couples and seniors love their sessions when they receive the final gallery and they are all blown away with the way the lighting looks.

If we were to photograph earlier is the day, the light is harsher when it is directly above you. As the sun lowers into the golden hour it is softer and spreads out. It will be a soft light hitting through the trees. This is something that will create flattering light on you to where there aren’t any harsh lines or shadows. I also photograph the way I would like to be photographed and this light is the most flattering. I want every one of my couples or seniors to love their photos.

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