are you wanting to have a unique senior photo experience?


1) I want to have a senior photo session that is unique and specific to who I am!

2) I want to have a photographer that cares and knows how important my senior year is as much as I do!

3) I want a variety of images to choose from!

Have you answered yes to all of these thoughts above? Great! You are in the right place and this program could be for you! Complete the application to become part of the select team of 8 seniors!

If you have the following thoughts, then this is for you!

spokesmodel application

There will be 3 required mini sessions. These mini sessions will take place in November 2021, February 2022, & April 2022. There may be additional mini sessions offered that will be voluntary.

I know your busy and I do my best to schedule most events on Sundays around everyones schedule to ensure everyone can participate.

Mini Sessions

spokesmodel application

Your senior session is very important to me. We will work together to design a customized Senior Session for you! You will recieve my senior style guide. This guide will also help choose the perfect location and how to pick out the best outfits for your session. This session will take place one on one with me, and we will have a BLAST! The session will include: 2 hours of shooting time, 2-3 different outfit choices, and 2-3 locations.

You will have the opportunity to earn your investment in your senior session back as a spokesmodel with the cash back referral program!

Your senior session

You and your parent will have access to an online portal that will include any important information and documents that you may need to reference while working as a spokesmodel. This is to help keep everything in one spot for easy lookup without having to look back through your emails.

online portal

You will receive images from each of the shoots you participate in via an online gallery. You will be able to download the images and post to social media. By participating as a senior spokesmodel you will be required to post a minimum of 3 times a month, but you can always post more!

You will be able to choose your final included images from each gallery you receive. 

image delivery

Prints are not included in being a senior spokesmodel. Any prints and/or albums ordered through Heather Avrit Photography is an additional cost. 

You will have the option to order prints from your online photo gallery. 




This program is designed to be fun and a unique experience for any senior participating, but there are a few things I do require to ensure the program can continue year after year!

spokesmodel application

- You choose Heather Avrit Photography as your sole senior portrait photographer throughout your senior year, excluding sports photos or school activity photos. 

- You pay the Senior session fee of $550. This fee covers your senior session as well as the additional perks of participating as a senior spokesmodel!

- Publish behind-the-scense shots and sneak peeks on Facebook and Instagram. Must post a minimum of 3 post per month. All posts must include the following hashtags: #heatheravritphotography, #hapseniorexperience, #hapseniorspokesmodel, #heatheravritphotosenior & #hapsenior.

- Spokesmodel must refer people for senior portrait sessions, including family and friends. There is noo minimum requirement for the amount of referrals.

- Must attend the 3 required mini/styled shoot sessions. These sessions will be scheduled around all schedules to ensure everyones participation.

- Actively participate in the program.


Are there any  fees to being a Senior Spokesmodel?

There are no hidden fees for participating as a spokesmodel. You are only required to book your senior session with Heather Avrit Photography and pay the session price of $550. You will be required to pay $275 upon signing the spokesmodel contract as a non-refundable retainer and the remaining $275 is due one week prior to your personalized senior session. This is the only fee you will ever be asked to pay unless you purchase prints and/or albums, which is sold separately. As a spokesmodel you will have the opportunity to receive cash back for each booked referral. Each booked referral you will receive $50 cash back towards your session amount.

How will I know if I am chosen to participate in the program?

I will contact your parents first upon selecting you as a candidate to verify your ability to participate in the program. Once I have spoken to your parents and confirmed your ability to participate, I will then contact you via phone to personally introduce myself and welcome you to the team. I will follow up with a welcome kit in the mail and information for our first meeting.

What are my responsibilities as a Spokesmodel

Your main responsibility is to refer family and friends to Heather Avrit Photography as well as attending to Heather Avrit Photography Spokesmodel events and sessions. Don't worry I know you are busy with many things during the school year, I schedule all shoots on Sundays to help ensure availability. I also take into account each team members schedule to find the best dates before scheduling sessions. Sessions are only a couple of hours.

What do I receive for participating

You receive multiple complimentary mini and styled sessions before your senior year as well as during, a number of digital images to share online from each shoot with friends, a customized senior session, cash bonuses, 25% off Senior Prom Session, and more!

Do my parents need to be involved

YES! Parent involvement is a must. Please tell your parents that you are applying. It is required you include contact information on the application form as I will contact them directly first upon your acceptance into the program. They must be OK with you applying, attending mandatory meetings, and sessions. I don't want your parents to be surprised when I contact them about your acceptance into the program. Parents are only required to attend the initial meet and greet. They are not required to attend any other sessions unless they choose to do so. 

How long am I a Spokesmodel

You will be a Heather Avrit Photography Spokesmodel from the time of Acceptance in April 2021 to right before graduation in May 2022.

spokesmodel application

Who can participate in the Senior Spokesmodel Program

Current Juniors who are part of the graduating class of 2022. 

CONACT heather

I am honored you want to participate as a senior spokesmodel. Please complete the application before March 31, 2021. If you have any questions please complete the contact form or email ( to set up a meeting to go over the benefits of being involved in the program. 



spokesmodel application

spokesmodel application