3 Ways I Back Up Your Images

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3 Ways I Back Up Your Images

One question you should or may be asking your potential wedding photographer is how are you going to ensure my images are protected? I have heard horror stories from other photographers or couples saying the images were lost or the SD card corrupted. (insert chills) I hope you never have to experience this and this is why I am here to put a ease to your mind and share with you the 3 ways I back up your images.

3 Ways I Back Up Your Images

1 | I record to 2 SD cards: I use a Canon R6 which has two SD card slots. During your wedding day I record your images to both SD cards. This automatically creates a backup the day of your wedding in case the main SD card corrupts. Recording to both ensures I have the images automatically in two places right off the bat.

2 | After your wedding is done, I take my SD cards and my second shooters SD cards and I upload them and back them up to two external hard drives as soon as I get home. Even if it has been a late evening I still complete this step when I get home, because I don’t want to chance anything happening to your precious images. You may be thinking why two hard drives? Well it’s because you can never be too sure of technology and I want to make sure if for some reason something happens to my main drive, I have it backed up as well.

3 | I don’t reformat/clear the SD cards, until I deliver your full gallery. I know at this point you may think I am being excessive, but I don’t clear them incase everything else fails at least I still have your images somewhere.

Overall, technology is never a guarantee and I want to make sure I have done more than enough to protect your images. I want you to feel confident your images are in the best hands after your wedding day.

I hope by sharing 3 ways I back up your images helps in any fear of loosing your wedding images to ease. If you want a photographer that handles your images with the upmost care, find out more about the wedding experience here. Let me answer anymore questions you have here, I would love to connect with you!

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