Lake Almanor Engagement | Emily + Jordan


Lake Almanor Engagement

As I look back on this Lake Almanor Engagement, I am thinking about friends and family in the Chester area with the Dixie fire so close. Hopefully the fire is controlled quickly and all the beautiful homes and the area are saved. I grew up going to Lake Almanor every summer, but I never knew it could be so dreamy. I can’t wait to do more Lake Almanor Engagement Sessions with other couples. The light is so golden and just glows up the area around the lake.

I met Emily while we were both Public Safety Dispatchers for the same department. It wasn’t too long ago I was in this role with her. It seems like it has been way longer than it has. Emily and I were friends from day one, and she has always been one of my biggest supporters when I started my business. After our first session together, Emily told me I would be her wedding photographer. My work wasn’t anywhere near where it is now and I am so happy for my growth to provide them with beautiful images.

Jordan and I met when when Emily helped me create some photography content when I first started my photography business. He was great and I could tell how much he liked Emily then and it was only a matter of time till he asked her to spend her life with him. I have been anxiously waiting and jumped with excitement when I found out.

During the engagement session we all had a blast and the two of them were super relaxed. They both graciously drove me to Lake Almanor. It was great to spend this time in the car and catch up with the two of them.

Check out more from this golden session below.

A golden lake almanor engagement

Lake Almanor Engagement

lake engagement session

golden hour lake engagement session

chester engagement session

chester engagement session

golden lake almanor engagement

engagement session

forest engagement session

golden lake almanor engagement session

golden lake almanor engagement session

golden lake almanor engagement session

golden lake almanor engagement session

golden lake almanor engagement session

golden lake almanor engagement session

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