Cap and Gown Senior Rep Session | Mallory, Sierra & Shaley


Sunset cap and gown session

Senior year has come to a close and these girls are off to college. This Cap and Gown senior rep session couldn’t of had a more perfect glow during golden hour. I have worked with the three of them a few different times during their senior year. These girls were my first step in creating my senior rep team. They have been a blast to work with and helped me in so many ways. Upper Bidwell park was the perfect open space to capture this session during the lovely golden hour light.

Each girl is off to college in the fall. Two are going to be attending Boise State while one will be attending Butte College. They are all so excited and have bright futures ahead. I think they all are going to do great things and I couldn’t be more excited for them. I remember the start of my college life. They will be great!!

Congratulations Mallory, Shaley and Sierra. Good luck in college.

You mentioned senior reps

I created a senior rep program that will take place every year. Each year 5 seniors will be chosen to be a part of the team. Applications open around May during their junior year of high school. These three girls helped me create my program by participating in multiple mini sessions to help me figure out how I wanted to design my program. Applications are currently still open for the 2021-2022 school year. You can contact me here if you are interested.


  • Be active in the senior rep program
  • Heather Avrit Photography is your sole photographer during your senior year with the exception of school events
  • Must post about the program at least 2 times a month
  • Must participate in 2 mini sessions and 1 styled shoot

By participating you have the option to earn cash back, prizes and so much more. It is such an exciting program and you get your own personalized one on one senior session with me all for the price of the senior session. You can find out more about senior sessions and the senior rep program here.

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Cap and Gown Senior Rep Session

Cap and gown session

cap and gown session

cap and gown senior rep session

cap and gown senior rep session

cap and gown senior rep session

senior rep program

cap and gown senior rep sessionsenior rep programCap and gown senior rep session

senior rep program

cap and gown senior rep session

cap and gown senior rep session cap and gown senior rep session cap and gown senior rep session



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