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Sunset Upper Bidwell Park Engagement, Chico CA

Some people dream about having a fairytale story. You dream about finding your partner in life that is your match. Well that is Cara and Landon. Their story reminds me of the perfect love story you could never get tired of hearing. Especially when it is an Upper Bidwell Park engagement session during the spring time.

I first spoke with Cara and Landon over zoom.  During their consultation I felt like I was speaking with friends. They were just the sweetest couple. Becoming friends with my couples is always a goal of mine. I think it helps make everyone feel more relaxed and we all have fun. I never want to be a stranger with a camera on your wedding day. After speaking about some possible locations, Cara and Landon choose to have their session in Upper Park, because it was significant to them. During their time of dating they had chosen this location for one of their dates.

During their Upper Bidwell Park engagement session we walked around to multiple locations. Cara and Landon decided one of their outfits would be their uniforms since this is a very significant part of their lives. I was so excited, because I couldn’t wait to capture moments that really represented who they were as a couple, but also as a person. Their jobs matter so much to them, and it was amazing to capture this representation.

Their Love Story

Cara is a nurse and Landon is a firefighter paramedic and they first met on the job. SURPRISE, SURPRISE, RIGHT!!!!! Well, they met on the job, but it has a twist you may not be expecting. Cara was actually off duty and out on a hike with her dad. Her dad had gotten hurt and Landon was on the crew that responded to the call. Since Cara was a nurse she was prepared in a situation like this and when Landon and his team arrived she was giving them valuable information about the situation. When Landon and his team were loading up her dad and taking him to a hospital, Cara was asking questions any concerned daughter would ask (where you taking him, etc).

Landon and his crew didn’t realize she was his daughter. I feel like this is a story that only happens in the movies, but this is REAL LIFE!! Fast forward a few days, Landon found out Cara was the daughter and actually found her on facebook. He reached out and apologized. One thing lead to another and they started dating. Their love story has only continued to flourish.

Sunset Upper Bidwell Park Engagement, Chico CA

Sunset Upper Bidwell Park Engagement, Chico CA

Sunset Upper Bidwell Park Engagement, Chico CA

Sunset Upper Bidwell Park Engagement, Chico CA

Nurse and Firefighter Engagement SessionNurse and Firefighter Engagement Session

Sunset Engagement Session, Chico Ca

Sunset Engagement Session

Nurse and Firefighter Engagement Session

Nurse and Firefighter Engagement Session

Nurse and Firefighter Engagement Session

Nurse and Firefighter Engagement Session

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